Create News, Tutorials ... on the main website
Source code

Gitea Account

First, you will need to have an account on our Git instance to fork the repo. Just follow the guide.


Copy template

Templates are avilabale in the specific categories (News, PwOSS and Turorials). Copy the templates as DAY-MONTH.html or tutorial-name.html files.

Change title of top of the html file
<title>PwOSS - Template</title>.


HTML tags

Here is a quick dirty option of html tags (also avilable here)...

H1 = <h1></h1>
H2 = <h2></h2>
H3 = <h3></h3>
H4 = <h4></h4>
H5 = <h5></h5>
H6 = <h6></h6>




Line breaks = <br>.

Spaces =  &nbsp; (for one space), &ensp;(for two spaces), &emsp; (for four spaces) .

<div class="image">
<image src="images/pwoss+text.png" style="width: 230px; height: 100px;" alt="IMAGE NAME" />


Main Page

Add your news to the main page. Only a maximum of three sentences about your news/tutorial. I added a hidden template above the first post. Just copy it and put it over the first message. I think that a maximum of 5 news in total should be enough so that the main page doesn't look bloated - delete the last news.

				class="spotlight style2 orient-right content-align-left image-position-center onscroll-image-fade-in onload-content-fade-left onload-image-fade-right"
				<div class="content">
						<author><strong>Author</strong>: YOUR NAME </author><br />
						<date><strong>Date</strong>: DD/MONTH/YEAR </date><br />
						<category><strong>Category</strong>: <a href="categories/CATEGORY/YEAR/overview.html">
							CATEGORY NAME</a>
						YOUR CONTENT. MAX 3 sentences
					<ul class="actions stacked">
							<a href="categories/CATEGORY/YEAR/DATE-MONTH.html" class="button small">Read
				<div class="image">
					<image src="images/CATEGORY/IMAGE.svg/png/jpg" alt="IMAGE NAME" />


Quick news

If you want to send only quick news, just add them to the main page without any links to any categories.

Delete the Read More button and the category link - Category: CATEGORY.



You need to add your news (link) to the category list. In the specific root category is a overview.html file. Just add your link above the first one.


RSS feed

Add your news to the rss.xml file (root folder).
Copy the following over the first one (see <guide>.../itemNUMBER) and change it to your needs:

  <title>YOUR TOPIC</title>
  <link>LINK TO THE NEWS</link>
  <description>YOUR CONTENT</description>
  <pubDate>Fri, 26 Dec 2020 08:22:00 GMT</pubDate>