All about PwOSS - Gitea


Create an account at PwOSS - Gitea and follow the instructions.


You will receive an e-mail with the activation link.


After that you can use your account.


Create a repository

Go to the top right and click on the + button.


Name your repo and select your license etc..
You can also use it as a private repo just for yourself.


Now you can create your own things.


Fork a repository

Go to the Explore button in the menu bar and then to Repositories.


In this example we have chosen PwOSS / Wiki.
Click on the "Fork" button to your right.


Rename it or leave it as it is.


At the top left you will see a message under the repo name forked from PwOSS/Wiki.


Create an issue

If you think that this page about Gitea is not enough or something was not explained correctly, you can create an issue in the wiki repo (the same applies to other pages).

Click on Issue top left and New Issue top right.

Select a good title in the title bar. And a better description than this example.


Create a pull request

After the Fork of a repository, you can change anything you like. For example the file

Click on the file and the top right Edit File button.


Make your changes! Describe your changes and click Commit Changes


Now click on Pull Request and hit New Pull Request.


Click again on New Pull Request.
Double check everything, especially the merge into and pull from part. It should be merged into PwOSS/Wiki from PwOSS-Demo/Wiki.


If you're happy click on Create Pull Request.


Anyone who has set up the notification for this repository should receive a notification about your Pull Request.


The changes are checked before it gets Merged.

If you want you can reply if you need to.


Commits button.


Under File Changed and Split View your changes will be compared with the old ones:


Everything seems to be fine. We can merge your Pull Request.


The changes are merged!


PwOSS Organizations

We have divided our 3 main devices (desktop, server and mobile) into 3 organizations. To get a better overview and to simplify the work with the different repositories. We also have a PwOSS organization that lists all non-specific topics like website, Gitea, Wiki, etc..

The main page is listed with the repositories in the various organizations.


The organizations are also located in the menu bar. To have quick access to them.


You can also click on Explore to see the whole list of organizations.