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About Android

If you are not familiar with root, TWRP, flashing, etc., you should first take a look at 'About Android'.


Basic installation

The basic installation is for all phones, but is based on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The installation differs slightly from other brands. However, we may be able to add more brands in the future.

The basic installation is available here.



Samsung has quite a few good phones out there. And a lot of official LineageOS ROMs are available. But Samsung is also very annoying. They have so many different kinds of the same phone which is not really obvious.
The Galaxy Note 4 for example has 25 different kinds. That's the reason, you have to find out the model number first before you download / flash any Custom-ROMs, TWRP etc.

Some has another modem, two sim slots or whatever, but the main different can be the CPU. Qualcomms Snapdragon Wikipedia or Samsungs Exynos Wikipedia.
The Snapdragon CPU has a very good support (Custom-ROMs). We suggest to try to get a Snapdragon CPU.


Note 4

Released, October 2014.

The Galaxy Note 4 is still a very good phone. The problem with it it has no official release of LineageOS and so no LineageOS for microG. But it is still possible to use another Custom-ROM. We'll go with Resurrection Remix in this tutorial which is official.





Redmi Note 8


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